Embed a page builder
into your Ruby on Rails app

Are looking for a something similar to the
Wordpress Elementor plugin but in Ruby on Rails?
Your search is now over!

The content editor in action

How it works

Based on our experience of crafting sites for various clients, we came to the conclusion that most of the time a site is composed of various marketing or content oriented bricks stacked in a vertical up-down direction.

We call sections those "Lego" bricks

Define sections locally

A section can be anything, a carousel, a hero panel, a list of testimonials, ...etc.

Registering a section in Maglev is done in your Ruby on Rails application by declaring the content fields in a YAML file.

A piece of the YAML definition of a Maglev section

Write the HTML section templates

Code the HTML/ERB template of your sections thanks to our view helpers.

Use any CSS framework you want or even any templating language (HAML, Slim, Liquid, ...etc).

an example of a Maglev template in HTML/ERB

Compose pages with sections

Once the section has been correctly configured and its template tested thanks to your dev tools, then it can be used by content editors to assemble pages.

We put a huge amount of work to make the content editing UX as smooth as possible.
List of available sections in Maglev

Hey 👋, we've also made a SaaS product
based on Maglev 💪

Open source

Batteries included!

Maglev is a page builder but it also includes the basic features you'd expect from a content management system.

Ruby on Rails engine

Ruby on Rails engine

Embed Maglev in your Ruby on Rails 6+ applications. Bring your own authentication system and assets manager.

Live preview

Live preview

Let the content editors have a real-time preview of the content they're editing.



Edit the content of your Maglev pages in the languages you set for your site.



Configure the SEO attributes for each Maglev page. Support for canonical urls is also included.



Use the custom generators to generate the skeleton of your sections (both the YAML definition and ERB template files).

Editor UI customization

Editor UI customization

Change the default color of the editor UI and the main logo to match your client's brand.

Launch sites at scale!
with Maglev PRO

Maglev PRO empowers any kind of B2B Ruby on Rails applications which aim to offer a marketing site or a landing page to each of their clients.

We've got your back if you need to support hundreds of microsites or niche websites.

How to bind the Maglev multi-sites to an Active Record model
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