SaaS Owners?
Unleach the power of Maglev 🔥

Empower your SaaS Business with Maglev PRO's multi-site capabilities and
our Expertise in SaaS Page Builders.

Perfect for many types of businesses


You want to offer a beautiful and easy to maintain site to each of your franchisees.

Marketing companies

You want to build microsites for small web presence and landing pages for PPC campaigns.

Online Services

Developing/hosting sites is not part of your core business but your clients ask for that functionality.


You have neither the time nor the dev team to develop a page builder but you need one to launch your new awesome project.


Flexible plans to fuel your SaaS growth. Discover our Free Open Source Core and powerful PRO version to level up your projects 💪


Maglev Open source

Maglev's core is open source (MIT License) and will always remain free.

$   0
Start now!
  • Super sleek UI/UX for editing

  • Single site and single theme

  • First theme included

  • Slack community

Maglev PRO

Everything you need to support hundreds of sites. $199/year for updates.

$   499
Start now!
  • Everything included in the Open source plan.

  • Multi-sites / Multi-themes

  • Access to the code source of a production SaaS platform using Maglev PRO.

  • Dedicated Slack channel


Don't have time or resources to integrate Maglev?
We can help! 🙌🎉

Interested in Maglev PRO but having some questions


Do I have to purchase a PRO license per Rails project?

How does updates work?

Can I use the UI kit I bought from X Y Z?

Does the Maglev PRO include a theme by default?

How difficult is it to integrate Maglev PRO in an existing Rails project?

Can you assist us in providing a free SSL certificate for each site?

Do you offer refunds?

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